Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 72

This project is kind of flying by!! It's exciting!

So, on the first, I posted my latest tattoo, a tattoo I got in honor of my Mommy. Today, I'm posting a picture of one of my other tattoos - The Pear Tattoo....

5 years ago, when I was pregnant with the twins, I met an AMAZING group of girls on a forums board that no longer exists. :( American Baby was our sounding board about everything - from husband's driving us nuts, to toddlers/babies at home already, and to our TWIN pregnancies. Alyssa, Taylor,  Gwen, and Amy quickly became my best friends! Even though Taylor and Amy lived in Michigan, Alyssa in North Dakota, Gwen in Texas, and I was moving from Alaska to North Carolina, I talked to them more than anyone else! We were all due within 4 months of each other or so, and all had older kiddos! Alyssa even has a Blake almost exactly 1 month younger than my Blake!

The 5 of us have been through a lot - and shortly after the twins 1st birthday, we all discussed getting a tattoo to commemorate our friendship and our twins. Taylor came up with the idea of a pear - 'cause we had a "pair" of kids! So in May of 2008, when my mom, the kids, and I took our trip from South Carolina to Alaska, we stopped off in Michigan to see Taylor and  Amy, and we stopped in North Dakota to see Lys! I will eventually make it to Texas to meet Gwen - or maybe we'll all meet in Vegas!

During our 2 day stay in Michigan, my mom and Luke watched the kiddos and Taylor and I hit up a local tattoo parlor! We walked away with this:

Mine on my left foot, Taylor's on her right. About a year later, I had Don re-do my tattoo 'cause the ink was wayyyy faded and the shadowing wasn't great on the original - but it was no big for him to re-do it for me! (Thank you again though Don!!!) ~ For those of you who don't know, Don has done all 5 of my other tattoos, and since he re-did the pear, I can safely say he's done all my tattoo work!

Ohhh, and just recently, Taylor started a new blog entitled "The Pear Tattoo"! Click on the link to check it out!

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