Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 68

The next 5 days will be a series of pictures to show why my  husband isn't the brightest when it comes to Mc Donald's food.... And the peer pressure that it contains.

The back story is this:
Some of the guys at work are trying this new McD's creation... It's name that they've dubbed it cannot be named here, but I'm calling it the McStupid.... You take a McKinley Mac (for those of you not in Alaska, that's a double 1/4 pounder with some extra stuff on it, only available in Alaska) which is gross as is.... Then you spilt in it 1/2 at the 2nd bun... (as you'll see in the picture). Then you take a Spicey McChicken sandwich and toss the bun... Put that and all it's yukky stuff in the middle of the McKinley Mac and put the top 1/2 back on! Viola! The McStupid! It's about 3000+ calories in one sandwich! Crazy right? Gross too! Here's what it looks like:

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