Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 30

It's here!!  The final day!!  Yippee!!!  Well, the final day of the first 30!  Still another 11 months to go!  Wow, that's quite a while, but if I've made it this long, lets go!

Day 30 is a photo that I find beautiful...  So that doesn't mean that everyone else has to agree...  Keep that in mind!

I did take this picture!  I love it.  We took the kids hiking at Flat Top in January of this year.  The girls were, um, not as excited, but Blake LOVED it!!  So, him and "Addy" climbed Blueberry Knoll.  They had a blast!  I love the mountains - more in the summer, but the winter is growing on me, and I think it's amazing that my children are falling in love with them too!  So, I find this beautiful!

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