Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is where my next year begins...

A huge number of my friends are either doing the Project 365 or they're doing little 30-60 day picture challenges.  Most of them are doing it on Facebook.  Here's my problem, I don't want to clog up my Facebook - and everyone else's - with so many daily posts!  Plus, not all my family is on Facebook (shame on you guys by the way!)...   I want to share this with you guys too.  

I'm starting this project to help me to heal.  Last year was mostly an amazing year - I met and married the best man I know, Blake excelled in school, the twins are gearing up for it, and I got back into touch with nature!  And then, in December, my Mom passed away from cancer.  My world, as well as many others, was changed on December 13, 2010.  Photography is about healing, and I'm hoping that this will help me to heal. 

Also, it's an exercise in self-discipline...  Think about, one picture a day for 365 days!  I'm changing the rules a little and not taking one a day per-say, but I will be posting one a day...  So one post a day, each post with a picture and an explanation...  Tell me that doesn't take some dedication!

So here's my plan. Starting in February, I will be doing one 30ish Day Project every month until January 30, 2012. Honestly, I need more guidance than just one picture a day for 365 days! I would run out of ideas or start re-using old ones if I did that. Plus, I'd like to incorporate the 30-Day Picture Challenge and some other things into this year-long quest. So, I've edited the rules a little, but according to 365project.org, there are no rules so... Go Me!

I'm going to start with the 30-Day Picture Challenge! So wanna see what's coming up? Click on the tab at the top of the page!